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Invite Leo to bring his exceptional advertising, public relations, Internet and marketing experience and insight to your next meeting or convention. He’ll deliver an enlightening, informative, and upbeat keynote speech, break-out session, or seminar that is filled with practical tips and motivational inspiration.

To schedule your event, please contact:
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Leo has been a speaker on the subject of advertising at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and many other venues:

  • The Union League of Philadelphia
    Brand Building Workshop
  • Comcast Cable Systems
    “Helping Reps Sell Cable TV Time To Furniture Retailers”
  • Carpet One University
    6-Hour Executive Advertising Seminar
  • Retail Advertising And Marketing Association (RAMA)
    “You Don’t Have To Be A Giant To Build A Giant Brand.”
  • National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA)
    “How To Beat The Big Box Stores-Advertising Workshop”
    "Retail Traffic-Builder Workshop"
    "Customer Loyalty Workshop"
  • Restonic Bedding
    National Sales Meeting - “Advertising 101 For Reps”

We can design a program around one of these topics or create one to suit the theme or needs of your organization:

  • Make Your Store Name The Brand Name
  • Creating A Powerful Brand Image For Manufacturers
  • Trends In Marketing/Advertising
  • How to Make A National Brand Work Locally
  • New Internet Advertising Strategies For Retailers
  • Recession-Fighter Advertising Workshop
  • The 10 Most Common Advertising Mistakes
  • Big Box Marketing Workshop
  • and others.


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